Routine Road Maintenance 

Road Construction & Rehabilitation 

TLB Hire 

Black-Top Patching 

Construction of Concrete Slabs 

Other Civil Works 

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We create solutions which is right for you!

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Providing The Best Quality In Time

What We Do

MBE commits to enforce and abide by latest and relevant Occupational Health & Safety Act and other requirements that govern the health and safety of our workers, and all related stakeholders.

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When new roads are to be constructed or maintained, we focus on consideration of the surrounding landscape.

contribution towards development and  assist with alleviation of poverty. .

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Why To Work With Us

MBE commits to undertake and execute all projects with utmost intention and commitment to comply with relevant quality requirements as specified per contract – this is done within a framework of accepted industry standards. In our business strategic planning quality assurance is critical, and all relevant options are explored to continuously advance the business within the area of quality. The company has leadership and staff that takes quality seriously, and we are all aware that quality related expenditure is an investment in our business.

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