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MBE commits to enforce and abide by latest and relevant Occupational Health & Safety Act and other requirements that govern the health and safety of our workers, and all related stakeholders.

The following procedures will be performed and enforced continuous throughout the project:

Å Ascertaining that risk assessment is done before work commences;

Å Identifying potential hazards and major incidents at the workplace;

Å Making sure that worker wears proper PPE;  

Å Review the effectiveness of health and safety measures;

Å Continuously training and creating awareness for our staff in health and safety related matters;

Å Updating ourselves with latest health and safety developments.

              MBE is accredited, and affiliated to the following:

       Å CIDB Grading           : 6CE PE , 1GB PE

       Å BEE Status                  : Level 3, 100% Black Ownership, 60% Black Women

       Å KZN DoT Vukuzakhe: Grade 3 Contractor

              SAFCEC                      : Emerging Contractor

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